Less gear equals more adventure. So we left off the bells and whistles you don’t need in order to offer you backpacking packs that balance strength with minimal weight for exceptional comfort and performance. We use the most innovative technologies and cutting-edge Dyneema® fabrics to lighten your load and ensure that your trips are safer, dryer and more comfortable. Increase your backpack's utility with our Pod organizers and Stuff Sacks for a complete pack system that's light on weight but heavy on functionality. As an added benefit, Pods and Stuff Sacks add a layer of waterproofing redundancy for a set up that's almost totally impermeable.

As a general rule, our 2400 Series (40L) backpacking packs check the "super ultralight" or "quick weekend mission" boxes. Take a step up in size to the 3400 Series (55L) for thru hikes or extended backpacking trips, or go straight to the 4400 Series (70L) for 10+ day self-supported epics.

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