Pro Program

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Pro Program is a membership program for qualified outdoor educators, guides, retail shop staff, environmental activists, professional outdoor athletes, and anyone working in the outdoor industry. If you are interested in applying, we ask that you have a general Hyperlite Mountain Gear customer account with us first. If you don't have one, please create one here first.

By joining this program, you become a member of our team and will be representing our brand in the backcountry and we are grateful for your association with us. You are the ones out there pushing the limits and in doing so, you are showing people what we are all about and what our gear was designed for - we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Please keep making us proud out there, and make sure your gear doesn’t collect dust in the corner.

Membership in the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Pro Program is not guaranteed and all applicants are required to provide credentials before being approved. Once your application has been submitted, please expect to hear back from us with either an approval or a request for further information within 48 hours - if you are not contacted in one form or another within a few days, please send us a note at Should you be accepted, please understand any purchase through this program is for individual use only. Outside of any special promotions, ordering for family or friends is prohibited and will result in your removal from the program.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s Pro Program is available to outdoor industry professionals worldwide.

Please note that by signing up to be a Pro, you agree to be put on our monthly mailing list.

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