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The REpurpose Bottle - White


Product Description

5.8 oz. of repurposed aluminum never looked so good. Made for us by the only metal bottle manufacturer in the United States, these lightweight recycled aluminum water bottles are also recyclable at the end of their days kicking around on or in your pack. The white option is finished with a baked on, BPA-free food grade coating and a crisp, black Hyperlite Mountain Gear logo.

Score one more for American-made goods that don't require a customs stamp to get to your front door.


0.36 lbs | 5.80 oz | 165g


  • Made in Washington State, USA
  • Baked on, BPA-free food grade exterior coating
  • Innovative quarter twist cap


Weight: 0.36 lbs | 5.80 oz | 165g

Volume: 24 oz | 0.71L


  • Height: 10” | 24.4cm
  • Diameter: 3.18” | 8.07cm