The Flat Micro D Carabiner


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Product Description

This little jewel is included with our UltaMid 2 and 4 full inserts with and without floors. Use it to attach the peak of the insert to the peak of the UltaMid when you’re suspending the shelter by its top point from a tree or high perch. This is likely good for a million other uses so long as you’re not banking on it to help you scale mountains or rappel into canyons. Those activities are definitely a no-go. 
WARNING! Not for use where disengagement could result in bodily injury or property damage. Not for climbing.


0.11 oz | 3g


Weight: 0.11 oz | 3g

Dimensions: 1.6" x 1" x 0.1" | 4cm x 2.5cm x 0.2cm


- Anodized Aluminum
- Steel