Hiking 2,000+ miles is heavy enough—you don’t need an outdated thru hiking backpack from another era weighing you down. We’ve simplified our designs to offer the perfect balance of strength, weight and performance, plus unmatched durability. Cast off the shackles of unnecessary zippers, dividers, straps and rain covers with an investment in innovative materials, American manufacturing and pure, unfettered functionality.

We make our thru hike packs from bombproof, foolproof Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (formerly Cuben Fiber), so they’re ready to Triple Crown whenever you are. Because what’s point of going faster and lighter if you aren’t confident your pack’s going to go the distance with you?

For an extreme, super ultralight thru hike, a 2400 cubic inch (40L) pack will accommodate a maximally minimal gear list. For anything else, the added versatility of a 3400 cubic inch (55L) pack serves most hikers well. Choose a Windrider for an especially able Appalachian Trail pack, with a mesh pocket for drying out gear in wetter East Coast weather. The Southwest is typically the thru hike backpack of choice for the PCT and CDT, but ultimately you can choose either according to your own needs and preferences.

Build out a complete pack system with Pods and Stuff Sacks for additional weather resistance and enhanced organization.