The thought of hiking 2,000+ miles is heavy enough—embarking on a trip of that magnitude with conventional, heavy, garden-variety gear offerings will only make it more daunting. Keep the focus on the experience and putting one foot in front of the other with incredibly lightweight packs assembled to the highest standards out of waterproof, super tough fabrics.

We've built our product line with Dyneema® Composite Fabrics from day one and paired them with a design emphasis around simplicity, efficiency, and functionality. Whether your goal is to section hike a long trail one weekend at a time or go for a Triple Crown one route after the other, the untold thousands of miles our packs have traveled around the world speak for themselves.

For a super-dialed ultralight thru hike, a 2400 cubic inch (40L) pack will accommodate a highly-refined minimal gear kit. For anything else, the added versatility of a 3400 cubic inch (55L) pack serves most hikers well with very little penalty in weight. Choose a Windrider with its all mesh pockets for drying out gear and content visibility, a Southwest and its Hardline with Dyneema® pockets for added abrasion protection, or to keep what's inside hidden. Get the best of both worlds with a Junction and head to any trail with all the versatility you need to keep moving forward. .

Build out a complete pack system with Pods and Stuff Sacks for additional weather resistance and enhanced organization.