When calloused hands, sun-baked river sediment, and maybe a little blood all complete “your look” in the rocky canyons and otherworldly formations you live to descend and emerge from, the Southwest is as reliable a compañero as you’ll find. When the going gets narrow, and the temperament of the terrain is always abrasive, the Southwest is built to play rough.

The superlight but robust main compartment of the Southwest is constructed with 100% waterproof Dyneema® Composite Fabrics. The external Hardline pockets provide an extra line of defense around the gear you’ll want to quickly reach at any time without having to open and sort through your carefully organized pack.

If you want extra assurance that your home away from home will be in the same shape at the end of each day as it was when you broke camp that morning, the increased durability of the Southwest’s external pockets will carry you through rowdy ventures with an unworried mind.

For the best experience possible with the Windrider and Southwest, we recommend you complete your pack system with our Stuff Sacks + Pods. They’re the key to a comfortable, highly-organized, and nearly 100% waterproof pack system.

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Southwest 40

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Southwest 55

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Southwest 70

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