Stripped down, dialed in and extremely versatile, our Porter Packs offer the ultimate in customizability for any expedition. There are “no extra frills, no unwanted distractions,” says Ambassador and American Packrafting Association President Brad Meiklejohn. "You can spot a fellow wilderness traveler by their Porter. Simple, elegant and functional, it fits everything you need and nothing more."

Wildsnow.com reviewed our 2400 Porter recently, stating it was one of the lightest and cleanest kits available for backcountry skiing. Ambassador Kt Miller sums it up: “The Porter carries skis well whether full or empty. I thought I’d miss all the compartments and zippers of traditional ski packs, but I haven’t at all. In fact, I can’t imagine going back. It’s light, simple, durable and perfect for skiing or any mountain adventure.”

“I've used the porter pack for every type of adventure that I partake in, be it climbing, bike packing, packrafting and more,” says Ambassador Steve Fassbinder. “The porter pack is the best all around adventure pack I own. And the one I reach for the most.”