Video: How to Set Up a Mid Tent (UltaMid 4 + Insert)

Watch these videos to learn how to set up a mid tent & insert: “UltaMid Setup Demonstration” and “UltaMid Insert Setup.”

Step 1a: Stake out the UltaMid with 90 degree angles at all corners. (I.e. you want it to be set up as a square.)

Step 1b: Adjust the corners throughout the set up so that the UltaMid is taut. You can also attach the corners to trees, rocks, roots or, if you are in snowy terrain, build a “deadman” anchor (i.e. dig a hole, bury something in it that is tied to a guyline and attached to your UltaMid).

Step 2: Set up the center pole to 75”/190.5cm. by lashing two trekking poles together. Use pole straps (or anything that ties them together. Or if you only have one pole, set it up on a pile of rocks). Adjust the height to get the UltaMid taut.

If you have the UltaMid Insert with or without a Cuben Fiber Floor, move on to the next stage of setup.


Step 1: It’s easier to set up the UltaMid Insert after you have staked out the UltaMid.

Step 2a: Remove the trekking poles from the UltaMid.

Step 2b: Place the trekking poles into the peak of the UltaMid Insert.

Step 2c: Raise the UltaMid with the trekking poles inside the UltaMid Insert. Center the poles onto the reinforced floor patch.

Step 2d: Spread out the corners and attach to the guylines.

Step 2e: If you have an Ultamid Insert with a Cuben Fiber floor, adjust the shock cords and stake out the corners. If you have an UltaMid Insert with no floor, adjust the tension with the shock cords.

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