Hand Built In America

Stuff Sacks

When “Mud Season” hits the Northeast in April that means rain. Lots of it. So we built our nearly weightless, round Roll-Top and flat Draw-String Stuff Sacks to keep your clothes and sleeping systems dry. Ultralight, yet durable, Stuff Sacks should be a key component of every backcountry traveler’s kit because they provide redundancy to your systems. Not only do they help you organize your backpack, but because they are made with 100% waterproof Dyneema® Cuben Fiber, your clothes, food and sleeping bag stay much drier in the stormiest weather. They range in size from nano to jumbo and come in a transparent CF8 or the more durable, slightly heavier black CF11. Bring the CF8 on your ultralight thru hike; use our Roll-Tops sacks on your packrafting adventure; or carry your tent stakes, ice climbing gear or bear-bag food in the burly CF11 sacks. Our Stuff Sack Pillow keeps your puffy jacket dry during the day and your head comfy at night. Use Stuff Sacks with our packs for a nearly rainproof backpacking system. See our Kits for cost saving Stuff Sack Sets.