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Designed to be used, hard, in the coldest, snowiest mountains, our super-durable series of alpine and ski-modified ultralight packs are precisely what you need and nothing more. Because we utilize waterproof and ultralight Dyneema® woven and Dyneema® Cuben Fiber non-woven fabrics, our 40- to 55-liter packs withstand the most rugged terrain yet weigh less than a liter of water. And they still comfortably carry ropes, rack, axes, crampons, helmets, skis, skins and winter clothing for backcountry ski trips. Our 70-liter expedition packs weigh just a fraction more, but offer extra carrying capacity and more support for bigger winter adventures in Alaska or the Himalayas. We’ve streamlined our packs to be as minimal and functional as possible. Our goal is simple: build bombproof, foolproof gear that is the optimal balance of strength, weight, comfort and performance.