It's been some time since we brought you up to speed regarding our 2021 production challenges and our constant, passionate commitment to delivering on promises made. We are incredibly sorry that the last several months have been exceptionally hard for you -- hard to get one of our packs, hard to get solid answers on shipping dates, hard to get a hold of our customer service team. It sucks. No question. We actually feel it even more than you do and we're working tirelessly to turn it around.

First, let’s start with the very latest important shipping information. Our production team has committed to the following shipping dates that correspond with when your gear was ordered:



Friday, 6/18


Monday, 6/21


Monday, 6/28


Friday, 7/16


Friday, 7/16


Friday, 7/16


Friday, 7/16

We hope that a better and more precise view of your ship date lifts the veil of confusion around delivery, and provides confidence that the information is accurate and the commitment to the deadlines is very real.

So, here's what's been going on that may help explain the recent issues and what we’re doing about it. And in no way are we making excuses. We own it. We just want you to know that we are acutely aware and are fixing the problem.

To start, demand has been incredible. So, thank you very much for your support of our brand and your appreciation of our best-in-class ultralight gear. However, we do not have, and cannot find enough, skilled stitchers and makers in our community to fill the seats required to make all the bags currently on order. We have been plagued by the similar 2021 labor shortages across the nation as a result of Covid that you’ve likely read about in the news. And due to our deep customer commitment, we have no choice but to find alternatives.

Fortunately, in May we were able to secure a factory in Mexico that is a 100% extension of Hyperlite, and is 100% dedicated to our tent and pack production. It is run by a long-time friend, and we have been immersing the best makers from our Maine headquarters into this factory to train and ensure our products are made exactly the same way we always have. We are just beginning to receive completed goods back in Maine, we already have 120 stitchers working for us there, and we are very close to securing Fair Trade and Living Wage certification for the facility.

And we cannot think of a better location for the supplemental production of Hyperlite Mountain Gear products. Our extension factory is located in the mountains at 8,000 ft. and is very near Pico de Orizaba, which is North America’s third highest peak at 18,500 ft. More importantly, there is a community of 20,000 highly skilled sewers here, the quality is outstanding, and every raw material they receive comes directly from our Maine headquarters. This means our products will maintain the highest quality standard we’ve always set for ourselves, if not better, and our current order backlog issue should soon be solved for good.

By having both our Maine and Mexico factories running, we'll soon be able to meet demand in real time and ship orders with no lead times. As part of this move we will be providing 100% supply chain transparency for every product we make. You'll be able to see the name of the town and the factory address where the product is made, a map where the factory is located, as well as photos of the community, location and the wonderful and dedicated people who build your gear.

Additionally, we again recognize the recent challenges you may have had reaching our customer service team. Due both to our high demand and current lead times, the volume of inquiries has been overwhelming. This is no excuse for delayed responses. And we’ve all been pitching in. But we want you to know that we are in the process of increasing our customer service team by 50%. So, if you know anyone looking for a great position at Hyperlite Mountain Gear, we have new and open customer experience coordinator positions we are quickly looking to fill.

Check out our Customer Experience Specialist position here.

Finally, what is most important to us is our customers (and our employees). And we want you to know there is light at the end of the tunnel: two factories up and running, zero change to raw materials (which rarely happens when companies expand into international supply), and increased investment in customer service.  

Thanks again for being a Hyperlite Mountain Gear customer. You are the reason we roll up our sleeves and grind every day. We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding. Please know we're doing everything we can. Please know we are always happy to answer questions. And most importantly, know that we deeply care about making sure you feel valued, heard, and delivering on your expectations.


Mike St. Pierre, Chief Executive Officer