Echo II Ultralight Shelter System

Echo II Ultralight Shelter System

Echo II Ultralight Shelter System

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Both Backpacker Mag and reviewed our Echo II Ultralight Shelter Systems and agreed that minimalist campers “…won’t find a lighter option with this much protection.” Consisting of three modular components, the Echo II works just like a traditional fully-enclosed tent, but weighs significantly less. It consists of a tarp, made with 100% waterproof Cuben Fiber, a detachable no-see-um bug mesh tent insert with bathtub floor for 100% protection against ground water and insects, and a detachable vestibule for severe weather protection. Available in Classic White or Spruce Green.

See Specs for details.
- Includes Echo II Tarp, Echo II Insert & Echo II Beak
- Full System weight: 1.87 lbs | 29.9 oz | 848g
- Comes with X-Large CF8 Stuff Sack for storage
Echo II Tarp: 
- Made in America
- Made from ultralight CF8 Cuben Fiber
- Catenary curve ridgeline with taped, bonded and sealed felled seam
- Fully bonded radial double reinforced tie-outs
- Fully bonded double reinforced ridgeline tie-outs
- Three interior ridgeline D-rings
- D-rings on all tie-outs for accessory attachment
- Metal O-ring ridgeline tie-out for attachment to trekking or tent poles
- Military grade snaps on front corner tie-outs for beak attachment
- Custom-made ultralight Spectra core guy lines with line-locks
- Most technically advanced professional tarp available 

Echo II Insert:
- Made in America
- Durable CF11 Cuben Fiber seam sealed bathtub floor.
- Ultralight CF8 side and rear panels.
- No-See-Um bug mesh net ceiling and upper portion of front and side panels
- Full length two-way zipper for maximum convenience.
- Front door tie to hold door open.
- Four corner stake tie-outs.
- Four corner bungee tie-outs plus two middle tie-outs for attachment to the Echo I or Echo II Tarp
- Can be pitched without a tarp
- Compatible with Echo I Tarp, Echo II Tarp, and Flat Tarps

Echo II Beak:
- Made in America
- Constructed with CF8 Cuben Fiber with double reinforced corners.
- Military spec Velcro hook & loop closure to attach to the top of the Echo II Tarp.
- Military grade corner snaps to attach to the Echo II Tarp.
- Front corner tie-out to attach to tarp ridgeline stake.
- Two-way waterproof zippered door
- Door opens on right or left side
- No additional stakes or hardware required to attach beak to the Echo II Tarp
- Compatible with Echo II Tarp only
Echo II Tarp:
     Without Guy Lines: 0.58 lbs | 9.2 oz | 261g
     With Guy Lines: 0.69 lbs| 11 oz | 312g
Packed Size: 7.5” x 5” x 3.5” | 19.1 x 12.7 x 8.9cm
Area: 68 sq ft.
Material: CF8 Cuben Fiber
     Length:         8’ 6” | 102” | 259.1cm
     Front Width:  8’ 6” | 102” | 259.1cm
     Rear Width:   6’ 6” | 78” | 198.1cm 
Echo II Insert:
Weight: 0.91 lbs | 14.6 oz | 414g
Packed Size: 7.5” x 6.5” x 5” | 19.1 x 16.5 x 12.7cm
Area: 24 sq ft.
     Length:         7’ 0” | 84” | 213.4cm
     Front Width:  4’ 4” | 52” | 132.1cm
     Rear Width:   3’ 9” | 45” | 114.3cm
     Height:          3’ 5” | 41” | 104.1cm
     Mesh: No-See-Um Mesh
     Side and Foot panels: CF8 Cuben Fiber
     Bathtub Floor: CF11 Cuben Fiber
Compatibility: Echo II Tarp, Echo II Beak, Flat Tarps

Echo II Beak:
Weight: 0.27 lbs | 4.6 oz | 122g
Packed Size: 5.5” x 4” x 3” | 14 x 10.2 x 7.6cm
     Length:         4’ 3” | 51” | 129.5cm
     Width:          4’ 3” | 51” | 129.5cm
     Hypotenuse:  4’ 4” | 52” | 132.1cm
Material:  CF8 Cuben Fiber
Compatibility: Echo II Tarp Only

Customer Reviews 10 item(s)

Echo II as a tent for solo trips Review by Jots
I've mainly used the Echo II as a tent for solo trips. Great to have space inside to keep my pack, clothes, and all my supplies dry and secure. Rain and wind are no concern when you've got this tent. There's no condensation.

On several summer hiking trips, I used back diamond ultra-marathon poles to support the ends and 8 inch aluminum Eastman stakes. I carry 12 of them. Alternatively, you could substitute 4 small titanium hooks for the corners, but why make life complicated?

I use a plastic sheet in the vestibule area on which I leave gear like water bottles. The combination works well.

The tent is made of cuben, so you know it's strong. I've looked out and seen angry dogs and giant bulls and heard wild boars nearby and found it reassuring to think I have stronger-than-steel cuben between me and them.

I like that the Echo tents comes with all the cords configured properly. The guy lines are incredibly easy to adjust.

It's easy to pitch this tent, and then pack up the tent away into its cuben carry bag. My Echo II goes in my Porter Pack (which I have also reviewed).

(Posted on 10/6/2015)

Great stuff! Review by Mac
Bought the ECHO II set and tested it last weekend during a 4 days hike in the Alps in Austria. Here's my first impression:


+ ultra light
+ place enough for two "normal" people plus 2 backbags
+ absolute water resistant (roof, bottom, everything)
+ very stable during heavy storms
+ "see through" fabric
+ nearly no condensation water
+ very well done handcraft
+ Insert keeps even smallest ants out of yout sleeping area
+ great ventilation


- even the green version is sparkling like a diamond if the sun shines on it. Not very useful at "stealth" biwak sites.
- keep fire away from the tent
- you have to know where the wind will come from during the rest of the night
- very expensive
- no instruction added. You have to practice with pole length etc. Youtube video helps.

I really recommend this tent!

(Posted on 6/9/2015)

Great shelter Review by ibn francis
If you are looking for a tent that will keep you dry under heavy rain, cool under the sun and that is super lightweight then the Echo Shelter is made for you !!
When the weather is windy the beck does a good job.
If you're afraid of condensation well...
... no need to worry anymore.
The Echo 2 is spacious, it's like a suite for one person and 2 easily fit in.7
+ the aftersale service is fantastic !!

(Posted on 9/8/2014)

Perfect for the PCT (and any backcountry adventure) Review by Derek "Oatmeal" Bartz
The Echo II served my hiking partner and I well on the entire length the PCT during our 2013 thru hike. I'm finally getting around to this review and since the trail the shelter has seen a bunch more use and it's still in great shape. At right around 2 lbs it's about as light as you get for a full on two person shelter/tent.

Set up is super easy and after a couple times I was able to have the tarp up and taut in under 3 mins. The attached guylines make adjustments a breeze and the insert clips in nicely. When set up correctly this thing is bomber, and I felt very comfortable choosing a camp well above treeline. If high winds or weather are expected the beak does an excellent job of protecting you from the elements (it also traps heat if you are expecting colder temps).

This was my first cuben fiber purchase and it was totally worth it. Three things really stood out throughout it's 126 days of use on the trail:
1. The tarp doesn't stretch (no need to re-tighten after a couple hours or when wet)
2. The material doesn't soak through (not as much added weight when wet compared to sil-nylon and dries super fast)
3. Cuben fibers strength (nearly impossible to tear as long as you don't puncture it with a sharp object)
On top of that it packs down smaller than any tent I've owned and isn't slippery like sil-nylon.

Keep in mind that this is a light weight shelter; so don't expect it to be a palace. It's main purpose is for sleeping and protecting your from the elements when necessary; not for playing card games. The interior of the insert fits two people laying side by side nicely, this is one of the only tents I've had plenty of length in (I'm 6'3"). Sitting up inside the insert isn't the most comfortable for most users; but like I said, you'll be laying down sleeping most of the time while inside anyways.

The only problem with the Echo II occurred with the zipper on the insert; but as any long distance hiker knows zippers on any tent get dirty after so much use and failure is inevitable. I contacted HMG and they even hooked us up with a loner while I sent mine in to get fixed; for free! These guys/gals take care of their customers.

If you are looking to invest in a shelter/tent that will lighten your pack and last a couple thousands miles, this is the one.

(Posted on 6/15/2014)

Echo II Review Review by Outdoor Gear Lab
Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s Echo II Shelter is the lightest double wall tent we’ve ever tested. For its meager 34.7 ounces the Echo II packs a spacious and well-designed punch that will kickstart your next trip into the mountains, and likely chop your shelter. For the full review please follow the link below.

(Posted on 9/29/2013)

Nearly the most efficient backpacking gear I've ever owned. Review by Bob/AT Section Hiker
I have been using the Echo II shelter & Echo I insert. Pitched once, you are the expert. It has multiple alternative set ups/uses, styles of pitch, configurations, etc., but it is in your hands (and you should be comfortable being that guy!). This is an especially liberating aspect of hiking with the shelter.

The shelter, insert, and beak are well designed, appear sturdily crafted to what appear to be fairly strict standards and are made in the USA!

The material is characterized by HMG as "hydrophobic." I don't know if that's a technical term but I slept in the rain several nights in this shelter and can tell you that in the morning, though the material was clearly wet, it didn't appear to have absorbed water and seemed to me to weigh about what it had weighed dry. The material, including guy lines, didn't appear to absorb water. That is, it didn't "wet out", and this alone makes a solid case for this shelter. This material is definitely different than what is prevalent on the market at the moment. I can recall many hikes when after a solid rain the night before some of my gear became wetted out and significantly added to my pack weight the next day.

I also did not notice water condensation inside the shelter, but the excellent air flow is going to limit that anyway to some extent. The shelter also worked especially well on a couple scorching nights which I found quite pleasant in the circumstances.

HMG will tell you the Windrider, made of the same material, doesn't require a pack cover, which is a further weight savings and usually an enormous convenience, especially if you have done much hiking with a pack cover. I have recently changed out packs, so I'll still be evaluating the Windrider, but initial impressions are great, another super piece of gear.

(Posted on 9/29/2013)

Great product! Review by Alex
I've had several basic shelter systems in my outdoors-man career, and this is by far the best product I've seen. Light, yet sturdy and enough room for both myself and my wife! Can't wait to buy my next product from them!

(Posted on 9/29/2013)

…the most unsurpassed shelter system to date Review by Michael "Pace" Stratton
I have owned several brands/types of tents/shelters and by far this is the best. The weight of the Echo II Utralight Shelter System was instrumental on my 2011 Appalachian Trail Thru hike. In fact this shelter system is lighter than my retired bivy sack I used for years. At first I thought this shelter system was going to be difficult and timely to set up but it becomes effortless with a little practice. Several fellow thru hikers where surprised that I was able to set up this shelter with ease on tent platforms as well as windy days. This shelter system is ideally for setting up in the rain due to the large tarp that covers the Echo II insert. This is the only shelter that keeps the inside of your tent dry when setting up in a down pour. I was shocked that this shelter system did not produce any water condensation on the inside. The Cuben fiber material is not only super strong and light but does not leak when touched from the inside. Often while hiking the AT I would have to set up camp in the dark not always finding ideal locations to pitch my shelter. One night I set up in the middle of the trail and woke up in two inches of water and everything inside was completely dry. As a New York state licensed guide I would whole heartily with out reservation recommend this shelter system to any of my clientele.

(Posted on 9/29/2013)

great tent Review by hankhill
I have to say I have owned a lot of tents and this tent lives up to exactly what it was designed for durability compounded with lightweight and livability. It can stand up to torrential down pours in the middle of the florida summer and still keep you dry and cool. Its like sleeping under a tarp but without the bugs. After getting sick of tents because of there flaws I switched to tarps and at one time I had sworn off tents for good, but this shelter systems is enough to convert even the most adamant of tarp enthusiast. Now the question is how long will it last? Will I guess that will just take some time to find out but in all its an all around great tent and well worth the money.

(Posted on 9/29/2013)

Great tent! Review by Lepontine
This tent has served me well in the few weeks I've been touring the Alps! Very light, easy to pack, and comfortable! A bit cozy for two people, but that's certainly not an issue.

Don't make the mistake I did, though! This tent does not ship with stakes! Once you get those, though, it's a joy to use this shelter, and I'm very happy with the purchase!

(Posted on 9/20/2013)

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