Why invest in Hyperlite Mountain Gear products?

Hyperlite Mountain Gear products, in many cases, are more expensive than other outdoors products. And they are certainly more expensive than lightweight gear made from traditional materials. But all of that extra expense comes from choosing to build better gear. And to build better gear, you need better raw materials. This is why we only use the most high-tech, modern materials on the market. We could chase higher margins and cut corners, but then we’d end up making gear we wouldn’t want to use ourselves. We exist to build the best gear for all of us – the equipment qualities we hold at a premium are no different than yours. We make the gear we’ve always wanted, and we’re stoked to make it available to you, too.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear is simple yet fully functional. It’s ultra-lightweight to increase your performance and enjoyment. It’s built to play a central role in all of your adventures going forward.

The times are changing. Durable, ultralight gear is possible, available, and does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort or durability. And whether you are hardcore, hit the trails every few weekends, or are off on a bucket list adventure, the cost/benefits are the same.

  • Optimal weight-durability balance (we want your gear to last)
  • Keep your gear dry (say good-bye to pack covers)
  • Keep yourself dry (no rainwater in your tent)
  • Highest quality/Made in Biddeford, Maine, USA
  • Buy right/buy once
  • Hyperlite Mountain Gear is lightweight gear that lasts longer