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Flat Tarps

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Flat Tarps

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The ultimate in versatility! Our Flat Tarps allow for multiple set-up configurations based on weather conditions, terrain or need. Designed with flat edges and square corners, these tarps allow for a pitch lower to the ground versus a typical catenary cut.  Made from 100% waterproof Cuben CF8 material, the seams are fully bonded, eliminating the need for seam sealing. Have fun experimenting using paddles, trekking poles, ski poles or even skis to create a pyramid, A-frame, modified A-frame or lean-to shape, among others.  

Now available in a choice of Classic White or Spruce Green.

6' x 8': 6.4 oz (181 g), 7.4 oz with guy lines

8' x 10': 8.6 oz  (244 g), 9.6 oz with guy lines  

8'6" x 8'6" (actually measures 8' 6" x 8' 6"): 8.5 oz (240 g), 9.5 oz with guy lines

  • Dimensions = 6' x 8', or 8' x 10', or 8'6" x 8'6" Square Tarp
  • Weight Tarp Only = 6.4 oz, or 8.6 oz, or 8.5 oz
  • Made from ultralight CF8
  • Fully bonded radial double reinforced tie-outs with line locs
  • Fully bonded, "stitchless" ridgeline seam
  • 16 Perimeter tie-outs
  • 4 tie-outs placed in the center one-third and two-thrids of the interior body
  • Includes 6 - 4' Custom-made ultralight Spectra guy lines
  • Includes 4 - 6' 6" Custom-made ultralight Spectra guy lines

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Super-expensive - super-ultralite - super-cool Review by cmaurer
I used the 8'x10' tarp in the Dolomites/Italy in heights of around 2000m in September 2014 for 4 nights. After replacing the guy lines with lighter ones it weighs 320g=11.2oz including the stuff sack. The 12 stakes I use weigh 86g=3oz.

It rained each night non-stop from around 6pm until the next morning around 4-5am.

I am 189cm=6ft 2in tall and

- everything underneath the tarp stayed completely dry. There was zero condensation in/on my bivy or my sleeping bag. I did not really expect any of this as I have never used a tarp before.

- I definitely need a tarp of this size or I would not stay dry in rain + wind, my feet would poke out or something...plus my bivy kept sliding on the foam pad... I guess it would fit 2 people if they can lie close to each other...

- I was able cook under the tarp while it was raining in the evening without any problems

- I can set it up so that I can sit up under the tarp

- this tarp is the first product ever in my entire life that fits into the stuff sack that it came with, even when completely wet including all guy lines. Wow! Try doing that with an emergency blanket....

- I replaced all the big fat guy lines it came with with much lighter Sea-To-Summit reflective 1.8mm lines which work just as well. The line locs work really well, I guess they could be much smaller/lighter to fit the lighter guy lines.

- I did not need any of the 2x4 tie-outs in the interior of each side, I don't really know what I would use them for...

- I use: 1 emergency blanket + 1 cheap foam sleeping pad + 1 catabatic gear bristlestone bivy + 1 Spark sleeping bag + this tarp

The quality seems really good. I will see have to see how long it lasts. I find the price really really high. With this tarp, my entire sleeping system was only 1300g=45.8oz. I can sleep anywhere at any time which made the hiking a great experience.

So: Good work HMG! Please make purchasing all your products in Europe possible, it was really painful with customs and all to finally get this - it is just a tarp.

(Posted on 9/24/2014)

First Impression: Phenomenal Review by Clive-the gear nerd
I purchased this tarp as an upgrade from an 8x10 sil-nylon one I have been using. The fabric of the tarp got a small cut in it from where I had someone sew on panel guy-out points. I was reimbursed for the cost of that tarp and decided to go big.

This review is quite literally just my first impressions. I have not had a chance to use the tarp in the field yet. However, what I have seen so far merits a review.

First of all, the construction quality looks top notch. Better than my sil-nylon tarp, which was made by a major manufacturer. No fraying seams, no loose threads. Then, when I weighed the tarp (I got the 8.5x8.5) it actually came in at 7.8oz without guy-lines. this is significantly less than what is specified, which is a rarity.

Not only does the tarp weigh less, but it comes with more. The tarp I received has an addition guy-out point in the very of the middle of the tarp. this is a nice feature as it allows for even more versatility and can act as another panel tie-out for serious weather. The other thing that is included on the tarp that was a surprise to me is two small d-rings on the bottom of the tarp. These are likely intended to be used with the HMG Echo Insert. However, they will be handy for clipping up netting or a bivy, for stringing up a clothes line, etc.

So far, I am very impressed. I will try to write another review once I get the tarp in the field. I have a section hike of the CDT trail planned, as well as a few mountaineering trips.

(Posted on 6/11/2014)

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