3400 Southwest Pack

3400 Southwest Pack

3400 Southwest Pack

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Designed to help you avoid snagging your pack on the sharp, prickly vegetation that fills America’s deserts, the 3400 Southwest replaces the Windrider’s mesh outer pockets with solid Dyneema® Hardline exterior pockets, but is otherwise the same award-winning pack. Use the Southwest for bushwhacking adventures, winter excursions or for ultralight thru hikes on the Pacific Crest Trail or the Continental Divide Trail where resupply opportunities are less frequent.  Made from 100% waterproof Cuben Fiber, the 3400 Southwest is highly durable and weatherproof.  Use this backpack with our Cuben Fiber stuff sacks for a nearly perfect waterproof kit.  See Specs tab for technical details.
- Made in Maine
- Three external, solid Dyneema® Hardline pockets
- Removable, contoured aluminum stays
- Dyneema® Hardline shoulder straps with 3/8” closed cell foam and spacer mesh
- Compression System
-  Roll-Top closure system with side compression straps for vertical compression
-  Side compression straps for horizontal compression
-  Top Y-strap compression  -- Designed to secure gear
- Dyneema® Hardline hip belt with 1/8” closed cell rigid foam, 3/8” closed cell foam and spacer mesh
- Dyneema® Hardline zippered pockets on hip belt with #5 YKK zipper
- Adjustable sternum strap with self-tensioning elastic
- Ice Axe loop
- Hydro port and internal mesh hydro sleeve
- Four exterior triglide buckles for optional pack accessory straps
- Proprietary seam sealing on all side seams and behind all sewn-on pack features
- Dyneema® Fiber Tex 69 thread
2.02 lbs | 32.4 oz | 918g (White)
2.10 lbs | 33.6 oz | 953g (Black)
Load capacity: 25 – 40 lbs
Body: 50D Cuben/Polyester Hybrid for white version
Body: 150D Cuben/Polyester Hybrid for black version
Bottom: Double reinforced 150D Cuben/Polyester Hybrid
External Pockets: Dyneema® Hardline
Interior: 3400 cu. in. (55L)
External: 600 cu. in. (9.8L)
Center pocket: 300 cu. in.
Side pockets: 150 cu. in.
Top Circumference: 40” (101.6cm)
Bottom Circumference: 33.5” (85.1cm)
Height (fully unrolled): 34” (86.4cm)
Back Width: 10.5” (26.7cm)         

Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

Two Thumbs Up for Long Distance Hiking Applications Review by Westy
My daughter and I thru-hiked the Colorado Trail early this summer. We field tested most of our gear during the 12 month period prior to our start date. We tested several light weight packs and selected the 3400 Southwest for the 486 mile thru-hike. The other contender packs were designated for consignment at our local 2nd hand gear shop.
We have no regrets, lightweight, simple, comfortable and water proof. Our typical pack weight varied from 22-28 lbs. We were delighted not having to put a "spinnaker" over the pack during the daily weather event. Thank you HMG, for designing and manufacturing a quality product.

(Posted on 9/14/2015)

Outstanding backpack! Review by Scott V
I just bought one of these in the black 150D material, received it in 3 days and took it for a 30 mile trip over the weekend. I have a few packs that I consider very comfortable, but wanted to go lighter. I have read all the reviews about how great this pack carries and how comfortable it is. But I just couldn't see how this could compare to a heavier pack with a more complex suspension and padding. Figured I would be giving up some comfort for weight. I was completely wrong. At least for me this pack redefined comfort. I could not believe how well this pack fit and rode on my back. At one point I had it up to 30 lbs hauling water a few miles into camp for the group. It obviously felt heavier, but carried just as well as with the lighter load I carried most the day. Debated for weeks about this or the Porter and I'm glad I picked the SW. The external pockets are very well implemented and I found them super useful. The pockets are very easy to get into but not floppy and insecure. With the pockets I did not miss having a top lid at all. The pack is very well made with great finish work and the material seems plenty tough for backpacking. My only complaint is the placement of the hydration port. It comes out just behind your shoulder and you have to route the tube carefully or it is always annoyingly hitting your shoulder. But given the variability of the height with the roll top I don't know where else it could be put. Just carried the hydration bladder on top of the bag secured by the y strap (another great feature). Makes it a cinch to refill it too! Great bag, when I'm done with this one I will be right back here for another!

(Posted on 8/17/2015)

so far, so good Review by spruce bringsteen
so i have yet to use the pack, as i have just received it, but with a weekend trip and a 7 day outing on the horizon i will give an updated review shortly. i must say though, after a minor bit of adjusting and a re-arranging of the sternum strap, it fits great. i loaded it up with my essentials including food for about a four day trip, and it feels great. it's funny cause i emptied my old 70L pack, and i was wondering what i had forgotten to remove to make it so heavy, but it was empty! 3 lbs lighter and couldn't be happier about it. i must say, the build quality has initially exceeded my expectations. i'm definitely glad i opted for the 150 denier material, as it seems like this pack will be pretty tough and will last me many years. i really like the extra strap attachment points for holding extra gear externally, which will come in handy in the winter for snowshoes, crampons, and the like. my only complaint is that water bottles in the side pockets are impossible to reach with the pack on, but it's so light, i will not mind taking it off real quick to hydrate. and i plan on upgrading my hydration bag to a brand that does not have a yucky plastic taste, and the internal hydration pouch and port are very convenient and located perfectly. the large, middle external pouch is huge and has so much room for plenty of things like a rain jacket, water filtration system, headlamp, and other pieces of gear you need to have quick, easy access to. overall, i am very impressed and cannot wait to put in some miles with this lightweight beauty.

(Posted on 7/26/2015)

Got Fiber!? Review by ryan
Love this pack, Love the Fiber! Durable lightweight and comfortable while wearing with a light weight merino wool tee shirt. Side pockets fit smart-water bottles nicely and the back pocket is a black hole! Lots of storage all around. Light enough to use as a day pack if you have to. If it breaks down I will definitely order another one. So far works great! TY HMG

(Posted on 6/24/2015)

Loved it, met my expectations, well made. Review by Sgt. York
I bought the 3400 on a quest for a lighter pack. I got it for Christmas so I had not had much opprtunity to use it with a full pack. I did some day hikes just to see how it fit. A few weeks ago I did a 78 mile trek on the AT from N. NY to Salisbury, CT. Up and down alot, 10 to 14 mile days on some very hot days. I was concerned at first thinking how this pack would last and fit. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it carried my 38lb load rested nicely on my hips. It was all I could expect it to be. The only issue I have is getting my tent out every night at the bottiom of the bag. I need to reconsider how I pack it. Keep up the good work. I look forward to me next trip - 3 lbs lighter.

(Posted on 5/27/2015)

The very best for the Rainforest Jungle Review by Malayan Tiger
Tried my Southwest since 2012 against the mighty Rainforest of Malaysian Jungle. Yes, we do have thousands of destructive elements that can easily wreck a branded outdoor gear up in here. Rocks, plants, mud, animals, you named it. Trust me on this; I had tried lots of famous brand before. The unexpected climate change is the biggest issue. You can have a sunny sunshine and a rainstorm in the same day! So, having a pack that can withstand the elements and in the same time deliberately build for ultra light purpose is something what I’m looking for. For me it’s a 9.9/10 of perfection. The other 0.1 factor is just about its white cuben material, which I know, will never able to turn white again after having a mud contamination. Today I'm very happy to see that the Southwest pack comes in black and double the happiness it’s fully made of 150d cuben hybrid. As it for me now it’s a 100 % of pure perfection! Can’t wait to have another one. Totally worth the money spent.

(Posted on 4/21/2015)

Wow... It can't be that light! Review by RobS
Wow. I haven't hit the trails yet with this pack as it only came today but from the moment the postal worker handed me the box the pack came in, I was thinking "surely it can't be this light!"... And not only is it light, it's incredibly well made. I work for a big outdoor retailer here in Australia that makes it's own packs as well and I have to say, it's easily on par with the packs we retail at $600 or more Australian dollars. But it's less than a third of the weight and it's waterproof too! I can't believe I used to carry around a 3.5kg (7lb) pack before, just because it was tough & waterproof (canvas). But not anymore... Now to plan some adventures with Tan! Thanks HMG... And Mike, keep on innovating and bringing out quality products. You've definitely got a following!

(Posted on 2/25/2015)

Excellent Pack Review by John
This is my first lightweight pack. I just finished using it on a four-day climbing trip in the North Cascades Washington. Our round-trip was about 40 miles, and we average about 4 to 5000 feet of vertical a day.. I am 5 foot 11, and weigh 180 pounds. My pack all in with food, ice axe, helmet, trekking poles, and water came in just under 35 pounds. Minus food, climbing gear, and water, the pack was in at just under 20 pounds. It was very comfortable and easy to adjust and wear all day. What I also liked on this particular trip, was the fact that I could collapse the pack to almost nothing, making it a great summit pack. Nice work on the design!

(Posted on 7/9/2014)

Love this Pack!! Review by Coolio
Admittedly, bought it on a whim, secondary to hearing murmurs regarding HMG. Figured I'd use it occasionally for light hikes, but NEVER freight it up (just feels like it wouldn't withstand a heavy load). I now use it for everything!! I routinely load it up with 30-38 pounds, and it withstands a beating!! Super comfortable. External pockets are deceptively accommodating. I love this pack. And the folks at HMG are extremely amicable and really easy to work with. My HMG wish list is growing...

(Posted on 10/9/2013)

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