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Day Hiking Kit


Product Description

While we often revel in the big stories that come from super long-distance routes, we never forget or trivialize the significant role that day hikes play in keeping hiker's hearts and minds full and balanced. Every single venture out between sunrise and sundown presents the opportunity for a meaningful adventure, and the gear to help make it happen is no less important than the stuff we make for the big trails. The Daybreak is the perfect size for the variables in temperature and caloric needs you'll encounter throughout the seasons, the Shoulder Pocket keeps tech devices within reach, and the Versa fanny pack dutifully carries snacks and sundries right where you need them while you're on the move.

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Kit Includes:

Shoulder Pocket
Versa Fanny Pack


Total Kit Weight: 1.53 lbs | 24.5 oz | 696g


Weight: 1.27 lbs | 20.35 oz | 577g
Volume: 1040 cu. in. | 17L

Shoulder Pocket

Weight: 0.08 lbs | 1.26 oz | 36g
Dimensions: 7" (L) x 3.5" (W) x 1.25" (H)

Versa Fanny Pack

Weight: 0.18 lbs | 2.91 oz | 83g
Volume: 137.3 cu. in. | 2.25L