Why Tents and Shelters from Hyperlite Mountain Gear?

Have you ever gotten wet in a sil-nylon tent? Or, have you ever met someone who hasn’t? Our tents and shelters, all built with 100% waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabrics will keep you dry and protected in wet weather and strong winds. Say good-bye to that demoralizing feeling you get knowing everything you have is damp. Say good-bye to your tent rippling or leaning down flat in high winds. Our tents and shelters will never get waterlogged, and after a night of rain, you can shake any remaining droplets off, pack them up dry, and pitch them dry at the next camp.

Whether you are hardcore, hit the trails every few weekends, are off on a bucket list adventure, or you’d enjoy less stress on your body, the benefits are the same.

  • Our tents and shelters will keep you dry in wet weather
  • Our tents and shelters will stand up in harsh, windy weather
  • Our tents and shelters are easy to pitch
  • They’re ultralight and durable (but easily repaired)
  • They’re built to last longer, no matter how hard you use them

“Ultralight, ultra-protective. Simple, easy to pack, and ready for anything. My UltaMid 2 saved my ass on a recent photo shoot and fishing trip in Alaska for The Drake magazine. Rained the entire trip. I was the only dry one of my group, and I never worried about my photo equipment because the shelter was totally waterproof.” – Hansi Johnson, Outdoors Advocacy Specialist / Photographer

“The shelter that I now use and trust more than any other is the UltaMid 4. I use it on solo missions because I like having the extra space to junk show gear or put a fat bike inside when the weather goes south. I've used it in all four seasons, from Northern Alaska to Death Valley, on snow, beach sand, high in the mountains, and when hunkered down during desert monsoons.” Mike Curiak, Pioneering Adventurer and Explorer

“Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s 8’6”x 8’6” tarp is plenty big to protect me and some gear. It’s not unusual for the tarp shelter to become the impromptu gathering place for the team for a card game or to wait out the morning pouring rain. Folded up, it disappears.” Joe Cruz, Global Bikepacker and Explorer