Why Packs by Hyperlite Mountain Gear?

Because of the extraordinary light weight of 100% waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabrics, our packs give you the best chance to easily drop two or more pounds from what you carry on your back. They're incredibly water-resistant* and designed to endure through – and beyond – the toughest challenges you can dream up.

Whether you are hardcore, hit the trails every few weekends, are off on a bucket list adventure, or you'd enjoy less stress on your body, the benefits are the same.

  • Our packs are remarkably light and durable
  • Our packs are simple, yet highly functional – only what you need, and nothing more
  • They’ll keep your gear dry and protected
  • They eliminate the need for a pack cover
  • They’re built to last longer, no matter how hard you use them

"I love that the Hyperlite Mountain Gear packs shed water, and after seeing how well the material holds up to hard use, I've never looked for an alternative." - Luc Mehl, Alaskan Explorer

"The materials used to make these ultralight packs isn’t cheap, and for what you’re getting for that price, it's well worth it. I will continue using the Windrider on all my future thru hikes including the PCT and CDT." – Jeff "IBTAT" Oliver, AT thru hiker

"I started the Appalachian Trail with 28 pounds in my pack before any consumables. I know all the mistakes one can make because I have made them myself, probably multiple times! With that being said I know success when I see it, and my pack is high in the highlight reel of gear." – Matt Morelli, AT thru hiker

*Any material that is sewn has holes in it. While Dyneema Composite Fabrics are 100% waterproof, getting caught in a downpour for six hours or an accidental fall in a lake can provide moisture a small chance to get into your pack. All the pack seams are taped to the best of our ability, but we avoid saying our packs are 100% waterproof. There’s an inherent safety risk in assuming your gear will never get wet – and that mindset can be especially dangerous because wet gear in cool to cold weather could lead to hypothermia. The best way to get your setup as close to waterproof as possible is with redundant water-resistant systems. Store your most critical gear in our Pods and Stuff Sacks for that near perfect protection. That’s primarily why we make them.