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Ultralight Backpacking Tips

Ultralight Backpacking Tips

Photo by @nicholasreichard // Pacific Crest Trail

Ultralight backpacking tips, straight from the trail to you. We tapped our local, national and international crew of collaborators for this collection of insights, tips, hacks and tricks that make going lighter—longer—easier. From Triple Crowning thru hikers to expert alpinists, ski mountaineers to packraft toting desert rats on fat bikes, they’re here to help you maximize your fun and mileage, ideally all at once.

Looking to lighten your load? Thinking of trading your tent for a tarp? Wondering where the line between “essential” and “excessive” actually lies? It’s always our goal to break ultralight backpacking down to its essence. It’s our hope that these tips help to cut out the background noise, so that anyone experiencing the outdoors with the help of our gear can focus on the task at hand. Simplicity can be complicated. While we may not have all of the answers ourselves, we have great faith that, with the swift current of expertise that runs through our community, together we can get where we need to go.