The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Difference

Dyneema Composite Fabrics are why we started Hyperlite Mountain Gear almost a decade ago. We've used it since day one to create the next generation of backpacks, tents, shelters, and accessories.

With over 50,000 products built and shipped from our factory in Biddeford, Maine, USA, we have an unparalleled breadth of expertise with Dyneema Composite Fabrics. From thoroughly-testing the variants of DCF fabrics available combined with critical feedback from world-class athletes, ambassadors, and weekend warriors, our experienced designers and craftspeople understand the technical nuances that are achievable with this technology.

We do not try to build the absolute lightest products. We do not want your gear to fail when you need to rely on it. And we want your gear to last.

Our assortment of products strikes the optimal balance between light weight and durability.

Whether you're "the corest of the core," or you simply want equipment that will alleviate concerns, as you step out from one comfort zone to the next, Hyperlite Mountain Gear enables you to adventure with confidence.