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There’s a kind of classic image that comes to mind when you hear the word “hiking.” Dense green and brown forests with meandering rugged root-strewn trails lead to awe-inspiring hill and mountain panoramas, and rivers and streams lull tired explorers to sleep at the end of strenuous but rewarding days. Backpackers and Thru Hikers that can’t get enough of this stuff will find no better friend than the Windrider.

The ultralight central vessel of the Windrider is constructed with 100% waterproof Dyneema® Composite Fabrics. The external mesh pockets provide ample room for the equipment you’ll want access to without having to open your pack and dig, and they’re great for drying out wet clothing as you go.

When you’re ready to move beyond the false sense of convenience that a bazillion zippers and compartments may have once provided, take the undeniably lighter and simpler step forward with the Windrider.

For the best experience possible with the Windrider and Southwest, we recommend you complete your pack system with our Stuff Sacks + Pods. They’re the key to a comfortable, highly-organized, and nearly 100% waterproof pack system.