Each one of our best-selling Windrider and Southwest packs leaves the hands of our artisans in Biddeford, Maine ready for action. From forest floors to high above tree line, and sandy washes to river bank rambles, these packs are built to fulfill your favorite daydreams and encourage exploits you haven’t even thought of yet. Constructed with 100% waterproof Dyneema® Composite Fabrics, the ultralight Windrider and Southwest packs are designed for function, durability, and efficiency – simple as that. Precisely what’s needed. And nothing more.

Do you foresee the need for wet gear to dry quickly, or want better visibility of the stuff you may need throughout your days? The mesh pockets of the Windrider might be your best bet. Hiking through slot canyons or bouldering, or maybe you want the contents of your pockets out of sight? Choose the added abrasion protection of the Southwest’s Hardline pockets.

Consider the length of your trips or how much you want to carry to pick your volume. Use the guide on our product page to select the right pack size. Go outside, venture forward, and have awesome experiences.