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Introducing: Updated Hip Belt Pockets


When our design intentions and your reactions line up, that’s the sweet spot. We don’t always nail it on the first try, though – case and point, the dimensions of the original hip belt pockets on our popular 2400, 3400, and 4400 packs. The common theme in the feedback we received was that they were a tad small for some of the items you wanted easy access to throughout your days. We listened, it was all valid, and we’re pleased to announce a change. Introducing the new hip belt pocket size.

The Details:

The new hip belt pockets are still constructed with Dyneema® Hardline and still employ the noble YKK #5 zipper. The new dimensions are roughly 55 cubic inches – 7 inches long, 3.5 inches tall, and 3 inches deep (all estimates since the pocket is not rectangular). And, when all is said and done, the new pockets add a mere seven grams to the pack.

Introducing: Updated Hip Belt Pockets
Introducing: Updated Hip Belt Pockets

Since announcing the update, many of you have asked if there is an opportunity to retrofit the new pockets to the old belts. Unfortunately not, as the bag itself would need almost complete disassembly to do so.

If you have an unused bag with the older hip pockets and you’d prefer the new larger ones, please contact customer service about the potential of making an exchange.

The Verdict:

Nick “Click” Reichard, newly appointed Hyperlite Mountain Gear content guy, had an opportunity to collaborate with our R&D department and test the new size out on the CDT with his colleague, Josh “Cheesebeard” Tippett.

He says, “After hiking the AT in 2015 and PCT in 2016, we talked with the R&D team here about testing out some features on the Windrider that we thought would make the pack better fit the specific needs of many thru hikers. Since the pack itself was already exactly what we needed, the only change we asked for was bigger hip belt pockets. We had also heard this from nearly every thru hiker we encountered on the trail.”

Last year was his chance to give them the once over on the CDT. “They were exactly what we hoped for and more! I rarely used my shoulder pocket and could fit my iPhone 6 Plus and a Sony RX100 V in the pockets, as well as a small mic for my phone.”

Introducing: Updated Hip Belt Pockets
Introducing: Updated Hip Belt Pockets

Reichard concludes, “For me, it was nice to be able to get R&D’s ear and suggest some changes that would keep our gear current with some of the new technology like the massive phones we have now. With the new pockets, these are now the ultimate packs for thru-hiking any trail.”

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ambassador Bethany “Fidgit” Hughes also had some time to get familiar with the new pockets while in the midst of her five-year journey across the Americas.

She sent us this feedback. “I hike because I like walking, not because I like digging around in my backpack. The new larger pockets enable me to keep moving, putting all the essentials at my fingertips. I have one pocket for electronics and safety equipment, and the other is for snacks. The new pockets are roomier and more accessible than ever before. The zipper along the middle makes it easy to get to items but also means if I forget to close it again right away – things won’t fall out.”

Your Feedback Matters to Us.

So, there you have it. Better dimensions for more food and electronics like the current crop of larger cell phones and compact cameras. Basically, more freedom for you to dial in your home on the trail. We’re glad that many of you reached out. We believe that together, we ended up with a better product. We hope they’re everything you were looking for!

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