2013 Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic

Hyperlite Mountain Gear has been the go-to source of packs for many of the elite athletes who participate each year in the grueling Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic.  2013 was no different!


The Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic has taken place in the Alaska back country each year since 1987.  It’s a hard core, grassroots race with no big sponsors.  The location of the race varies each year (it has been staged in the Wrangell-St. Elias, Chugach, Brooks and Alaska mountain ranges) and participants are required to be fully self-sufficient – there are no food drops, rest stations, or marked routes.   The race has a set start point and an end point — it’s up to the competitors to determine the best route.  The route is typically between 100 and 150 miles long and most people complete the event in 5-8 days. Teams, rather than individuals, are encouraged, but groups of skiers who travel at the same pace typically stay together.

Check out the definitive video here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNUlm584wDU&list=UUU-DvIlo-lITyfTuHKZjSYg&index=1


The 2013 Classic started Sunday, March 31 at the McCarthy B & B in McCarthy, Alaska (Mile 46 of the McCarthy Road).  As usual Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ambassador Luc Mehl was among the competitors with his Hyperlite Mountain Gear Porter Pack on his back to haul his gear and provisions throughout the race.  This year also found five of the other competitors carrying Hyperlite Mountain Gear Packs — yes, they probably DO know something about how to go light without sacrificing any durability with Hyperlite Mountain Gear!

To see a report on this year’s Classic and some spectacular photos, see Luc’s blog at:  http://thingstolucat.com/2013-winter-classic/


Hyperlite Mountain Gear is psyched to be the unofficial “official” pack of the classic — see you out there next year!

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