Tested By The Trusted: Windrider Ultralight Pack

Tested By The Trusted: Windrider
Photo by Krystian Repolona // Appalachian Trail

Our first foray into the world of backpacks (circa 2010) was the Windrider Ultralight Pack, which has since become the pack that has helped us refine our goal of building durable, ultralight gear that excels on any backcountry mission. And after repeated testing over the years, it is still our go-to pack suggestion for anyone looking to go lighter.

With mesh pockets that are perfect for drying out gear, and three volume options (40, 55 and 70L), the Windrider is ready-to-go on anything from weekend overnights to a 2,000-mile thru hike or Alaskan expedition. But you don’t have to take it from us. We receive tons of customer feedback and work with an experienced group of gear testers to help provide honest feedback to anyone exploring pack options on the World Wide Web, and below you’ll find a few of our favorites snippets.

Customer – Joe Meyer  (Owner, Traverse Alaska) // 4400 Windrider
“We use our [4400 Windriders] for skiing, packrafting and backpacking adventures all over Alaska. They are dragged over rocks, strapped down on boats and stuffed full of gear and lugged through thick alder and spruce forests. The bags don’t absorb water and get weighed down when boating and the suspension system is comfortable and simple.”

Tested By The Trusted: TheBigOutside.com

TheBigOutside.com – Michael Lanza // 3400 Windrider

“When the 3400 Windrider was delivered to my house, the box looked much too small to contain a backpack—if I’d had no idea, I might have guessed it contained a small tent. It’s not often that a backpack, or any piece of gear, leaves an impression on me before I even remove it from its packaging.” – READ THE FULL REVIEW

Customer – MoFo F.  //  2400 Windrider

“My [2400 Windrider] pack has traveled with me on over 4,000 miles of trail – AT, CT, MST (NC), Palmetto Trail (SC) – and is still going strong. No telling how long it will last, but I don’t think I’m half way there yet!” 

Tested By The Trusted: GearJunkie.com

GearJunkie.com – Chelsea Magness // 2400 Windrider

“…after two expedition races, 50 miles of pack-rafting over a couple days, trekking in New Zealand, and commuting at home in the rainy weather, the packs are unscathed. I wish our bodies could say the same.” – READ THE FULL REVIEW

Customer – Ned T.  //  3400 Windrider 

“I purchased 5 of the [3400 Windrider] for my family. We were going to walk the Camino de Santiago, St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago – 500+ mile. We did it in 34 days and these packs were FANTASTIC! Along the way people were asking us about the packs light? waterproof? comfortable? Yes, Yes, Yes. When we walked 500 + miles in 34 days, an average of over 15 miles a day, every ounce counts, comfort is an absolute and waterproof necessity. The [3400 Windrider] met and surpassed our expectations.”

Tested By The Trusted: SwitchbackTravel.com

SwitchbackTravel.com – Staff // 3400 Windrider

“Full disclosure: we thrashed this pack. The Hyperlite 3400 Windrider is built for thru-hiking and bushwhacking, but ours saw use backpacking in and out of canyons, strapped to a packraft, and backcountry skiing over a very eventful two months.” – READ THE FULL REVIEW

Customer – Bradley N. // 2400 Windrider

“Only thing it hasn’t done (yet) is get me laid. But it likely will. Great pack!”

Tested By The Trusted: TheTrek.co

TheTrek.co – Best Thru Hiking Backpacks of 2017 // 3400 Windrider

“This pack was designed with one purpose in mind: To get your gear from Point A to Point B without anything unnecessary. It’s durable, simple, and doesn’t have more features than necessary.” – READ THE ARTICLE

Disclaimer: In some cases, we do provide packs to established gear testers for free, however, nobody is obligated to (1) review the pack at all or (2) provide a positive review.  We’re looking for honest feedback, and that’s exactly what you see here. Some of the linked sites may include affiliate links, which help support each outlet and allow them to continue to provide quality content, so we’d highly recommend checking them out.